Legos collected for kids cancer

Blocks of Hope – Donate old LEGOs for Kids Cancer

Clearing out old toys that your kids no longer play with? Creating space for new toys before the holiday season? We are currently collecting used LEGOs that will be repackaged and sold to raise funds for families needing assistance affording pediatric cancer treatments.

How did this project start?

While cleaning out our basement we divided up a variety of toys into donate, recycle or trash piles – we debated what to do with a bin of old LEGOs with our kids (ages 16 & 10).  The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Well the Legos are perfectly usable but I’m not sure who will accept them for donations.”

Zach: “We should donate them to the hospital so kids like Owen can play with them while they are stuck there getting chemo or whatever.”

Me: “I love the idea but I think most pediatric cancer hospitals only take new unopened toys because of germs, etc…”

The conversation moves on to other toys and whether to donate/trash/recycle. 

A few hours later:

Zach (holding up his cell phone): So I found this place that takes old LEGOs, repackages them and sells them. The money is used to help families with kids battling cancer afford treatments.

Mason: “Let’s do that. Owen would like that.”

Parents: “Yes, he would.”  

Zach: “I bet some of our friends have old LEGOs – we could probably collect and send those too.”

And that’s how this whole project started. 

As of (12/10/19) the boys have collected 109.6 pounds of LEGOs for donation. 

Want to donate old LEGOs?

If you live in Northern Virginia – Contact Us for LEGOs drop-off or pick up. 

Not local to us? No worries – Contact Us and we’ll tell you how to donate ship them for free.  (Note: free shipping requires 10 pounds)


I have a club/group/organization that would like to help out.

Since this was Zach’s idea – we’re letting him take the lead on this service project. He would love any and all help in collecting used LEGOs. He would also be happy to come talk to your group about our charity and explain why pediatric cancer research & support is so important to him. 


What kind of LEGOs can I donate?

We will take any hodgepodge assortment of LEGOs you have lying around that you would like to donate.  Not sure if they are the “correct” brand? No worries.  The LEGOS will be sorted out once they are received.


Can I just recycle my old LEGOs?

Probably not. LEGOs are mostly made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic.  LEGO pieces can’t go in your recycling bin unless your community accepts the unmarked plastics or the plastic with the mysterious #7 “other plastics” code. Many cities with recycling programs still sort out LEGOs when they are collected and dump them in landfills where they sit for millions of years! Luckily, we have another way you can recycle  and feel good about your LEGOs donation. 


Tell me more about your charity.

WestRash Charity is a family owned 501 c3 charity. Over the years we have raised thousands of dollars for a variety of organizations and causes. In 2010 our charity became primarily focused on raising awareness, support and funds for pediatric cancer when our oldest son/grandson/nephew Owen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  Owen courageously fought and lost his battle with cancer in April 2012 at the age of 16. His two year battle is chronicled here.

Owen and his younger brothers

                                          Owen and his younger brothers



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