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WestRash introduced WIFFLE ball at the 2015 Owen’s Walk to Remember event.  This addition to our walk was such a big success we decided to break out this event into its own event.  Our Inaugural WestRash WIFFLE Ball Tournament will be held on Sunday, May 7, 2017.  This will be a one day event hosted by, and will benefit, our local Greater Manassas Baseball League (GMBL), at their GMBL complex in Manassas, Virginia.


This year’s tournament is currently planned to have the following 3 WIFFLE ball:

Championship Division:  This division is open to teams and players of all ages.  This will be the most competitive division that will decide the overall tournament champion.  Due to time limits, teams will pitch to themselves (5 pitch limit per batter).  Each fielding team will be allowed to up to 7 players and can must bat their entire game roster.  Players may be added/removed from this roster from game to game.  See the entire set of on the rules page for more details.  Register Your Team

Competitive Youth Division:  Since we are playing at the home of the Greater Manassas Baseball / Softball League, we anticipate there will some youth teams that may be eager to compete.  Rules will be very similar to the Championship division short of this division being limited to children between the ages of 8 and 13.  See the entire set of on the rules page for more details.  Register Your Team

Family Fun Division:  WIFFLE ball is a game that millions of families play in the backyard.  This division is meant to bring that fun to a real field.  No strikeouts, no walks, self pitch.  Smiles mean much more than runs.  See the entire set of on the rules page for more details.  Register Your Team

How do I register?  This is a event meant to both have a blast playing a game we have all played in the back yard for years, and also meant to raise money to enable our local youth to learn and play our nations pastime in a safe, family friendly and competitive environment.  Based on these goals, each team must register and raise money to cover their team’s donation goal.  Once team has entered their registration, the WestRash WIFFLE Ball tournament team will set up your team crowd funding page that will enable team members, family, friends, or other donors to contribute to your teams fundraising goal.  Since WestRash is an approved non-profit charitable organization, all donations will be 100% tax deductible.  Teams will not only compete on the diamond, but also in raising money for this great organization.

How much does it cost to play?  
Team base entry donation goal:

  • Division 1 (Competitive – all ages) – $600
  • Division 2 (Competitive – youth) – $500
  • Division 3 (Family – all ages) – $500

Once you submit your team registration, the WestRash WIFFLE Ball tournament team will create a team page for your team and contact you to help fine tune, validate the settings are correct.  Remember, sell yourselves!  Top raising team will receive a special prize!  We are also setting bonus team targets (Available based on deadline reached at least 30 days prior to event, in order to get items ordered in time).  If your team raises:

  • Team raises $2000:  Receive 10 Team Shirts (Individual team color)
  • Team raises $2500:  Receive team shirts with team/sponsor name and numbers on back
  • Team raises $3000:  Receive tented team rest area for the event.

How big is a WIFFLE Ball team?  As of now, we anticipate teams will be 7 – 12 players per team.  Up to 7 fielders playing defense and up to 12 players in the batting lineup at a time.  

Tell me more about the tournament.  Games will consist of 4 innings or 50 minutes maximum, 4 run limit per inning (first 3 innings), unlimited runs in the last inning.  We will size the fields representative to the divisions.

Since this is our first year, and we only have one day to get the games in, we are limiting the number of teams that can enter, so please get your teams registered ASAP.  Total number of teams per division will depend on the pace and makeup of registration.  Minimum number of teams for a division will be at least 4 teams.

Games are expected to start early that morning.  I will send out a final schedule to the captains and post it on this site once it is ready.

  Final rules and regulations are posted, any questions regarding these rules, feel free to send a note to the tournament director, Scott Westenhofer (swestyaxp@hotmail.com)

Return to this site often, as we continue to update the site.

How do we raise money?  As far a team registration, we will be using a team crowd funding model, where teams will be provided their own site to assist with gathering team sponsors.  Teams must raise a minimum amount of money to be eligible.  If teams have issues raising money, we can do our best to help.

What can my team do while waiting on games?  The outfield areas of most of the field will be open for teams to bring canopy’s and all spectators to watch the games.  We encourage you to bring friends to watch.  We expect the GMBL snackbar to be open for this event, should you need some refreshment.  There are NO alcoholic beverages allowed on the campus, so please do not bring them.

Please feel free to contact Scott Westenhofer (703-392-5471, swestyaxp@hotmail.com), tournament director with any questions

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