Making It Better for Osteosarcoma Patients

WestRash Charities is proud to announce our partnership with M.I.B (Make It Better) Agents  in completing missions for children with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Each mission is mini-wish that is granted through the help of our Sponsors and Donors. Missions can consist of noise-cancelling headphones (to drown out hospital chaos), gaming systems (to combat boredom during treatment) or anything else that can help our kids escape for a while. Our intention is to meet and exceed each child’s mission expectation… every time.  

M.I.B  President, Ann Graham is an adult Osteosarcoma survivor who was diagnosed around the same time as Owen. We followed her story then and continue to admire her efforts now. Her organization focuses not only on making it better for kids with Osteosarcoma, but also funding new research and treatment options.  


Stay tuned to see how you can help with our upcoming missions!


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