Make It Better Mission: Michael

Update: Michael’s Make It Better MISSION is ACCOMPLISHED!  Thank you to everyone who participated in bringing Michael a little extra joy on his birthday.


WestRash Charities has partnered with MIB Agents to complete a Make It Better Mission for pediatric cancer patient Michael who is currently battling Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  Make It Better Missions provide comfort, entertainment and hope to patients enduring chemotherapy, surgery and lengthy hospital stays. 

Make It Better Mission: 

  • Shower Michael with Birthday cards on his big day (September 20th).  
  • Alternate Objective:  He is a gamer and would like some Playstation Store Gift Cards
  • OR, if you would like to donate money to his mission, follow this link:

About Michael:

Michael is 17 years old and lives in Texas. He is battling Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in his left femur.  He  has been having terrible skin reactions to his chemo.  He is scheduled to have his Limb Salvage Surgery sometime this month. Limb salvage surgery us a surgery where they go in and attempt to remove the tumor and save as much of the child’s limb as possible.

His favorites:  
  • Basketball: Spurs and Kobe Bryant
  • Football: Seahawks   
  • Playstation: Madden and Rainbow Six 
Make It Better Mission: Michael - osteosarcoma patient

Make It Better Mission: Michael – osteosarcoma patient

How You Can Help:

Sometime between now and september 10th, go to a local store and get a birthday card, and mail the card (and a gift card if you want to) to the following address:
MIB Agents HQ
PO Box 858
Bernard, VT 05031

Donations can also be made on our website or at

Background on MIB Agents and WestRash:

WestRash Charities has teamed up with MIB to help kids like our son Owen, who we lost to Osteosarcoma in April of 2012.  MIB works to fulfill “mini” wishes for osteosarcoma patients around the country. WestRash will work with MIB to try and fill as many ofthese wishes as possible.  Both WestRash Charities and MIB Agents are 501 (c)(3) Non Profits that are 100% Volunteer Organizations.

Thanks in advance for your support and no worries if you cannot help, sadly, there will certainly be a next time.  Please feel free to spread the word, would love for him to be overwhelmed with well wishes.

Thank you for being a part of this mission!

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