Christopher Rash

Christopher K. Rash

President and CEO

Career Overview:

1970 – Feb 1992:  US Army, Retired LTC

1992 to Today:  Logis-Tech inc.

Currently:  Senior Vice President for Operations


MBA – Logistics Concentration, Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1995

BS – Zoology, Clemson University, 1970


Chris completed a successful 22 year career as an Army aviator and logistics officer serving in multiple command and staff positions culminating with assignment to the Army Staff at the Pentagon. Since then he has accumulated over 22 years of experience in the public sector assessing and evaluating, as well as designing, installing and maintaining corrosion control systems in field environments worldwide. He was responsible for the development of Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) technology since joining Logis-Tech as a project manager in 1992. His efforts in corrosion control resulted in the development of the Environment Stabilization System (ESS®) technology that was awarded US Patent – US6450411B1 in 2002. The patented system, more commonly known as Controlled Humidity Protection (CHP) System, now serves as a critical component of the Department of Defense Corrosion Control Program. His experience includes designing, manufacturing, planning, estimating and managing the performance of LTi’s worldwide service support network for CHP systems. He is the project lead in the design, development and execution of the Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPAC) CHP applications now installed worldwide in support of the National Guard, USMC, Air Force and Coast Guard.

An avid supporter of charitable efforts throughout Prince William and surrounding counties, he worked with family members to develop WestRash Charities in 2003. Today he continues to expand his family’s impact, through their charity, to better serve those in need by raising donations to support other charities, grants to individuals and organizations and research into pediatric cancer.


Deena & Owen

Deena & Owen


Deena Westenhofer

Vice President

Career Overview:

2000-2013:  Time Warner Cable – Director, Online Support Tools and Information

1997-2000: CALIBRE Systems Inc – Project Analyst


Masters Certificate in Project Management – George Washington University School of Business, 2004

BA – Biology, Chemistry, George Mason University, 1995


Growing up as a military brat provided Deena with a view of the world, different people, and various challenges they faced.  As a college student, Deena fell in love with nonprofits.  Inspired by her sorority’s involvement with the Special Olympics, Deena quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her; and in 2002, she, along with other members of her family, created WestRash Charities with the idea of being able to give back locally to their community.

In 2010 Deena’s son Owen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  Owen subsequently lost his battle with cancer in April 2012 at the age of 16.  Deena has vowed to honor those courageously fighting by continuing to provide funding for the advancement of pediatric cancer research and treatments. Owen’s Walk to Remember is held in Owen’s honor each Fall and raises tens of thousands of dollars for Children’s National Medical Center’s pediatric oncology research.


DeAnna RashDeAnna Rash


Career Overview:

2000 – 2007:  Azalea Acres Nursery & Landscaping, Inc., Office Manager

2007 to current:  Executive Moving Systems, Inc., Director of Finance


AS – Business Administration, Northern Virginia Community College


Growing up in a close-knit military family, DeAnna had the opportunity to see many places in the northern part of the United States, her most loved place being Alaska.  When her father retired, they settled in Northern Virginia and have been here since 1990.  Moving around at such a young age made it hard to make long-time friends, but making home in Virginia couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was at Woodbridge Senior High School that DeAnna met Kit Rash, only friends at the time, without imagining a future together.

After high school, fate brought DeAnna and Kit back together and married in May of 2001.  It was just February 2002 when their oldest son was welcomed into the family, followed by another son in 2005 and, after a scary year with her husband’s cancer diagnosis (currently in remission), a daughter in 2008.  DeAnna loves kids and would do anything for them – after all, they are OUR FUTURE.

Having been invited into the Rash family was the best thing that happened to her and, being part of such a loving group, providing to others, especially children, makes her love it that much more.  Going through the experience of losing a nephew has put life in perspective, and the charity is here to make as big a difference as possible.  Live, Laugh, Love.


Joan M RashJoan M. Rash 


Career Overview:

1969-1986:  Military Wife and Mother Serving in Multiple Staff and Support Positions

1986 – 1989:  GE, Secretary

1989 to current:  TASC Inc. – Senior Technology Staff


Blackhawk University, 1982

Midlands Technical College, 1968


Joan served in a wide variety of positions beginning in 1968 as an administrative assistant in the College of Agriculture, Clemson University. Over the next 22 years, while raising two children, she served as a devoted military wife in assignments worldwide. Since settling in Northern Virginia, she has continued to be a devoted wife and mother, supporting her family and children through college and into their own, now productive lives.  In 1995 she began her life as a grandmother and has been blessed six times with beautiful and loving grandchildren. She is never happier than when she is with her children and grandchildren.  Her favorite saying: “My family means the world to me!”

Joan was a key figure in the development and growth of her family in the business of charitable work. Getting the grandkids to understand the importance of helping has always been one of her goals as she supported development of WestRash Charities. In 2010 the loss of her 16 year old grandson, Owen, to childhood cancer lent new purpose to her in helping WestRash Charities direct efforts toward funding support for children’s cancer research.  In reflecting on Owen’s life she comments, “Our daughter began in college helping children with disabilities, so we decided as a family to help whenever we could.  We have come to know that many children are suffering as our grandson did, and we just want to help as many people as possible.”


Christopher Rash, IIChristopher Rash, II  “Kit”

Chief Technology Officer

Career Overview:

1994-1996:  Lifeguard

1997-1998:  Server at Westminster Retirement Community

1998 to current:  Logis-Tech, inc.  Information Systems Technician


BS – Computer Networking, Strayer University, 2003

Computer Networking, NOVA Community College, 1998



Kit grew up all over the world being a military brat.  He was born in El Paso, Texas, and moved three times (Tennessee, Illinois and Germany) before finally ending up in Virginia. Going to school in Woodbridge, VA was a blessing as he met and made so many friends there, including a close group of buddies that are still his closest friends today.  Kit also met his future wife, DeAnna, during his high school years at Woodbridge, although they wouldn’t become a couple until a few years later.   They have been happily married now for almost 13 years and have three beautiful children.

In 2007 Kit did have a struggle, that came as a shock to everyone, when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer after noticing a ‘bump’.  Luckily, it was found early enough to only require minor surgery and six months of radiation treatments.

A couple years later Kit found out his oldest nephew, Owen, was diagnosed with a rare cancer, Osteosarcoma.  Thankfully WestRash Charities was already in existence, and their efforts could be put towards raising funds for cancer research.

Owen lost his battle, but Kit says, “The charity will move on in hopes to provide help where we can, to support the people out there trying their hardest to find cures.”


Scott WestenhoferScott Westenhofer

Chief Information Officer

Career Overview:

1995 – Present:  IT Consultant, , Currently with Computer Sciences Corporation


Masters Information Technology, VA TECH, 2011
BS, MIS, Longwood University, 1995


Scott Westenhofer, an avid golfer (having played for Longwood University) decided in the spring of 2002, to pull together a group of friends and family for a golf outing.  This event would spawn the idea of leveraging the family’s love of golf and camaraderie into something bigger, something that could be used to give back to their community.  Within the following year, WestRash Charities would have their first annual golf tournament.

Leveraging his IT background, Scott created the initial WestRash Charities website and has led the charity’s technology efforts.

Having lost his stepson, Owen, to cancer at the age of 16, Scott is eager to continue to grow their charity’s contributions and support to others within the community.


Donald WestenhoferDonald Westenhofer

Career Overview:

Professional Engineer, Retired.


Don spent 40+ years working in the fire protection industry where, along with a colleague, he was awarded a patent that used fire sprinkler systems to cool office lighting to reduce energy costs.   Don and his wife, Adi, raised three children in Connecticut.  While in Connecticut Don was elected and served for over 20 years on the town Zoning Board of Appeals, where he also served as chairman.  He participated in several service organizations including Lions and Rotary clubs.  Moving to Ohio, in retirement, he quickly became involved in his new community where he serves as chairman of the Building and Ground committee that is responsible for the common areas and various services provided to 600 homes.

Throughout his life, service to family and community has been paramount to Don and working with WestRash Charities was a natural extension that became personal when his grandson, Owen, was diagnosed with cancer. He remains committed to working with others to find a cure to the many forms of pediatric cancer and to raising funds to help others in need.